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Continuity Program Ideas – Idea #3 – Access to Experts

Although is all about teaching how to make membership sites, it is really important to understand that a membership site is simply one form of continuity program that you could implement in your business. Recurring monthly income from continuity programs is usually quite predictable and the beauty is that you put the work in once and it delivers over and over again.

This is issue 3 in a series of Continuity Ideas. This time, we look at the words access and borrow. Add these words to your vocabulary when it comes to information (not money) and your business can skyrocket.

  1. Borrow expertise.
  2. Access to information.

Ideas for a continuity program

You might know someone who has a particular skill – anything really… golfing, hair braiding, fixing up houses, investing in precious metals, scrap booking, interior design, running meetings, etc. You may not share that skill at all. You may not even be interested in it. But if it somehow relates to your business and, most importantly, there’s a market for the information, you might be looking at a gold mine. If you have a business related to sports and you hate golf, you can still borrow someone else’s expertise and add a continuity component to your existing business with it. You might interview them, record videos, record audio, make transcripts of those recordings, etc. And then, simply provide access to those materials.

You don’t even have to know them, yet. If you have a business in a particular market or you’re thinking about getting into a particular market, maybe this is a reason to introduce yourself… They have the expertise you need. You have the ability to convert it into a product or get them some exposure. Crafted right, it’s a win-win.

Maybe you have skin care products and you know that a local dermatologist just opened up a practice. Blam! You provide access to the expert dermatologist to your customers and the dermatologist gets some exposure to the very people who are likely to visit a dermatologist. You might joint venture or you might just pay them for their time.

So, continuity idea 3 is simply to provide access to expert information. You might be the expert or you might borrow that expertise. In either case, you just provide access. “Access” is a great word, here, because it opens you up to a world of possibilities – it might be access through:

  • a podcast,
  • online video,
  • a membership site,
  • CDs or DVDs,
  • transcripts in PDF,
  • special reports,
  • etc.

In any case, if there is a way to capture expert information and then deliver it on a regular basis, you have the potential for a continuity program.

Continuity Program Ideas – Idea #2 – XYZ of the Month

XYZ of the month Club: Whatever your product is, create a special one each month. You’re already familiar with those BMG or Columbia House CDs of the Month, right? (from back-in-the-day)… Well, you can do that with almost anything. Here are some examples:Ideas for your continuity program

  • Workout of the Month Club
  • iPhone/Droid App of the Month Club
  • Craft of the Month Club
  • Vitamin Sample of the Month Club
  • Template of the Month Club
  • Interview of the Month Club
  • Candle of the Month Club
  • DVD of the Month Club
  • PLR Content of the Month Club
  • … you’re only really limited by what people want & what they’re willing to pay for monthly

This works well with consumables, ongoing hobbies, collectibles, etc. If it’s something people use/collect/do on a regular basis, give them something exciting to look forward to each month. Also, you can make them season-related at specific times of the year. Customers can buy them for themselves or give them as a gift.

Continuity Program Ideas – Idea #1 – Membership Sites

I heard one of my trusted advisers say, “If you don’t have continuity, you don’t have a business.”

A continuity program is a product or service purchase that is billed on a recurring basis. It may be weekly, monthly or some other interval. The sweet part is, you don’t just get the initial sale. Your customers keep sending you money over and over again.

Well, since we’re all surrounded by naysayers who say that our entrepreneurial spirit is a waste of energy, the courses we take are a waste of money, and that none of it will ever work… I wanted to begin a series of blog posts that get your creative juices flowing… with Continuity Program Ideas for you to consider.

Continuity Program Idea #1 – Membership Websites

Ideas for your continuity program

Of course this is first… After all, this is

A membership site is web (or mobile) accessible content or services provided for a specific period of time. You could offer a monthly course, a digital newsletter, a series of articles, how to information, videos, podcasts… You could include software, coaching, templates, checklists, etc. One of these or any combination of these. What your membership site provides is completely up to you.

One of the cool things is that in addition to providing content or information, an online membership adds the possibilities of interactivity that aren’t always possible with a printed publication. You can add interactivity through a forum or social widgets, allowing members create their own profiles, comment on content, and “follow” each other. That, of course, adds a “stickiness” to your continuity program, keeping people around longer. Also, you can mine the discussions for content and product ideas.

With an online membership, your costs will be much lower than publishing a printed publication and you can offer more frequent updates. That being said… just because it is lower cost, don’t assume it will be more profitable. Oftentimes, physical products have a higher perceived value and you can charge more for them.

In some of the other Continuity Program Ideas, we will explore physical products and hybrids – part digital, part physical.

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