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Blog and Membership Site Security – Free Report

Many times, when people start out learning to make money online, they focus on offense – marketing, making the content, building a list, etc. All of this stuff is essential and marketing should always be primary. But don’t neglect your defense.

Backup your membership site and blogIf you have a membership site, you probably figured out a way to protect your content (at least a little) from theft and sharing. But did you consider hackers? How about viruses?

What about your backup plans if stuff goes down? Do you have a plan B?

Just a little bit ago, Amazon’s cloud service went down and a boatload of websites, blogs, videos, and social media sites all went down. Eh-hem… some of mine included. 14 of my membership sites were inaccessible for about 12 hours. People couldn’t access their content or order new memberships. Money lost, lesson learned.

Anyway, that brings me to you. I’m going to give you a 21-page PDF report on protecting your WordPress sites. Free, of course. Just sign up in the boxes below. Yeah, right there… under that big arrow. Sign up and you’ll get instant access to the report.

You’ll get info that covers the following:

  • Why You Must Protect Your WordPress Website
  • Is WordPress Weak and Vulnerable to Attacks?
  • Common Problems That Can Take Down a Website
  • Top WordPress Security Plugins
  • How to Back Up Your WordPress Site
  • Why WordPress Software Security Updates Are Not Negotiable!
  • Additional Security Measures
  • Guests & Employees – Keeping It Safe
  • Being Prepared When Security Fails (and it will!)
  • Plus… A Printable WordPress Security Checklist

All yours… my gift to you. Sign up below.

(If you’re already a member… this report is in the members area with accompanying videos and audio downloads.)

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